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Nonlinear Acoustic Echo Cancellation Based on Pipelined Hermite Filters (2024) Yin KL, Halimeh MM, Pu YF, Lu L, Kellermann W Journal article, Original article Robust mixed one-bit compressive sensing (2019) Huang X, Yang H, Huang Y, Shi L, He F, Maier A, Yan M Journal article Sparse Signal Recovery with Multiple Prior Information: Algorithm and Measurement Bounds (2018) van Luong H, Deligiannis N, Seiler J, Forchhammer S, Kaup A Journal article Model selection using limiting distributions of second-order blind source separation algorithms (2015) Illner K, Miettinen J, Fuchs C, Taskinen S, Nordhausen K, Oja H, Theis FJ Journal article Orthogonalized power filters for nonlinear acoustic echo cancellation (2006) Küch F, Kellermann W Journal article, Original article Representation of two-dimensional wave fields by multidimensional signals (2006) Rabenstein R, Steffen P, Spors S Journal article, Original article A real-time blind source separation scheme and its application to reverberant and noisy acoustic environments (2006) Aichner R, Buchner H, Yan F, Kellermann W Journal article, Original article Generalized multichannel frequency-domain adaptive filtering: Efficient realization and application to hands-free speech communication (2005) Buchner H, Benesty J, Kellermann W Journal article, Original article Digital sound synthesis of string instruments with the functional transformation method (2003) Rabenstein R, Trautmann L Journal article, Original article Analysis of Digital Watermarks Subjected to Optimum Linear Filtering and Additive Noise (2001) Su J, Eggers J, Girod B Journal article
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