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Shallow recycling of lower continental crust: The Mahoney Seamount at the Southwest Indian Ridge (2023) Woelki D, Salters V, Beier C, Dick H, Koepke J, Romer R Journal article Collapse of Late Permian chert factories in the equatorial Tethys and the nature of the Early Triassic chert gap (2022) Yang F, Sun YD, Frings PJ, Luo L, E JW, Wang LN, Huang YF, et al. Journal article Role of seafloor production versus continental basalt weathering in Middle to Late Ordovician seawater 87Sr/86Sr and climate (2022) Avila TD, Saltzman MR, Adiatma YD, Joachimski M, Griffith EM, Olesik JW Journal article Equilibrium and kinetic controls on molecular hydrogen abundance and hydrogen isotope fractionation in hydrothermal fluids (2022) Ricci A, Kleine BI, Fiebig J, Gunnarsson-Robin J, Mativo Kamunya K, Mountain B, Stefánsson A Journal article Osmium and lithium isotope evidence for weathering feedbacks linked to orbitally paced organic carbon burial and Silurian glaciations (2022) Sproson AD, Pogge von Strandmann PA, Selby D, Jarochowska E, Frýda J, Hladil J, Loydell DK, et al. Journal article Relative rates of fluid advection, elemental diffusion and replacement govern reaction front patterns (2021) Köhn D, Piazolo S, Beaudoin NE, Kelka U, Spruženiece L, Putnis CV, Toussaint R Journal article Frontal ablation and mass loss of the Patagonian icefields (2021) Minowa M, Schaefer M, Sugiyama S, Sakakibara D, Skvarca P Journal article Was climatic cooling during the earliest Carboniferous driven by expansion of seed plants? (2021) Chen B, Chen J, Qie W, Huang P, He T, Joachimski M, Regelous M, et al. Journal article Paleogene initiation of the Western Branch of the East African Rift: The uplift history of the Rwenzori Mountains, Western Uganda (2020) Jess S, Köhn D, Fox M, Enkelmann E, Sachau T, Aanyu K Journal article Record of intermediate-depth subduction seismicity in a dry slab from an exhumed ophiolite (2020) Pennacchioni G, Scambelluri M, Bestmann M, Notini L, Nimis P, Plümper O, Faccenda M, Nestola F Journal article
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