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Coproducing a physical activity referral scheme in Germany: A qualitative analysis of stakeholder experiences (2024) Klamroth S, Mino E, Naber I, Weißenfels A, Geidl W, Gelius P, Abu-Omar K, Pfeifer K Journal article Effects of physiotherapy and home-based training in parkinsonian syndromes: protocol for a randomised controlled trial (MobilityAPP) (2024) Raccagni C, Sidoroff V, Paraschiv-Ionescu A, Roth N, Schönherr G, Eskofier B, Gaßner H, et al. Journal article Learning motivation and self-assessment in health economics: a survey on overconfidence in healthcare providers (2024) Bushuven S, Bentele M, Trifunovic-Koenig M, Gerber B, Bentele S, Hagen F, Schöffski O, et al. Journal article Patient preferences in genetic newborn screening for rare diseases: study protocol (2024) Martin S, Angolini E, Audi J, Bertini E, Bruno LP, Coulter J, Ferlini A, et al. Journal article Dipsticks and point-of-care Microscopy to reduce antibiotic use in women with an uncomplicated Urinary Tract Infection (MicUTI): protocol of a randomised controlled pilot trial in primary care (2024) Kurotschka PK, Borgulya G, Bucher E, Endrich I, Figueiras A, Gensichen J, Hay AD, et al. Journal article Cost-effectiveness analysis of the Geriatric Fracture Center (GFC) concept: a prospective multicentre cohort study (2023) Joeris A, Sprague S, Blauth M, Gosch M, Wattanapanom P, Jarayabhand R, Poeze M, et al. Journal article Effects of PROtein enriched MEDiterranean Diet and EXercise on nutritional status and cognition in adults at risk of undernutrition and cognitive decline: the PROMED-EX Randomised Controlled Trial (2023) Ward NA, Reid-McCann R, Brennan L, Cardwell CR, de Groot C, Maggi S, McCaffrey N, et al. Journal article Development of a subset of the international classification of functioning, disability and health as a basis for a questionnaire for community-dwelling older adults aged 75 and above in primary care: a consensus study (2023) Rink L, Tomandl J, Womser S, Kühlein T, Sebastiao M Journal article Preferences of women in difficult life situations for a physical activity programme: protocol of a discrete choice experiment in the German NU-BIG project (2023) Pedron S, Herbert-Maul A, Sauter A, Linder S, Sommer RM, Vomhof M, Gontscharuk V, et al. Journal article Process evaluation in practice based research networks: a study protocol for a mixed-methods implementation study (2023) Sanftenberg L, Dreischulte T, Härdtlein A, Kosub H, Gagyor I, Kurotschka PK, Kühlein T, et al. Journal article