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Magmatic Evolution of the Fossil Melanesian Island Arc: Evidence From Lower Miocene Lavas of Malekula Island (Vanuatu) (2024) Haase K, Schneider KP, Pelletier B, Ishizuka O Journal article, Original article Systematic and Temporal Geochemical Changes in the Upper Deccan Lavas: Implications for the Magma Plumbing System of Flood Basalt Provinces (2023) Hoyer P, Haase K, Regelous M, Fluteau F Journal article Spatial Variations in Magmatic Volatile Influx and Fluid Boiling in the Submarine Hydrothermal Systems of Niuatahi Caldera, Tonga Rear-Arc (2022) Falkenberg J, Keith M, Haase K, Sporer C, Bach W, Klemd R, Strauss H, et al. Journal article, Original article Effects of the Hydrous Domain in the Mantle Wedge on Magma Formation and Mixing at the Northeast Lau Spreading Center, SW Pacific (2022) Haase K, Schönhofen M, Storch B, Beier C, Regelous M, Rubin KH, Brandl PA Journal article, Original article Migration of Arc Magmatism Above Mantle Wedge Diapirs With Variable Sediment Contribution in the Aegean (2021) Schaarschmidt A, Haase K, Voudouris PC, Melfos V, Klemd R Journal article, Original article Water in the Supra-Subduction-Zone Mantle of the Mariana-Izu-Bonin Forearc: Constraints From Peridotitic Orthopyroxene (2021) Gose J, Schmädicke E Journal article Tellurium in Late Permian-Early Triassic Sediments as a Proxy for Siberian Flood Basalt Volcanism (2020) Regelous M, Regelous A, Grasby SE, Bond DP, Haase K, Gleißner S, Wignall PB Journal article Evolution of Magmatism in the New Hebrides Island Arc and in Initial Back-Arc Rifting, SW Pacific (2020) Haase K, Gress MU, Lima S, Regelous M, Beier C, Romer RL, Bellon H Journal article Ultraslow Spreading and Volcanism at the Eastern End of Gakkel Ridge, Arctic Ocean (2019) Jokat W, O'Connor J, Hauff F, Koppers AAP, Miggins DP Journal article Progressive Changes in Magma Transport at the Active Serreta Ridge, Azores (2019) Romer R, Beier C, Haase K, Kluegel A, Hamelin C Journal article
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