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Publisher: Emerald

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Generic design of an anatomical heart model optimized for additive manufacturing with silicone (2020) Riedle H, Ghazy A, Seufert A, Seitz V, Dorweiler B, Franke J Journal article Thermal rounding of micron-sized polymer particles in a downer reactor: direct vs indirect heating (2020) Gomez Bonilla JS, Dechet M, Schmidt J, Peukert W, Bück A Journal article Processing windows for Ti-6Al-4V fabricated by selective electron beam melting with improved beam focus and different scan line spacings (2019) Pobel C, Osmanlic F, Lodes M, Wachter S, Körner C Journal article Camera signal dependencies within coaxial melt pool monitoring in laser powder bed fusion (2019) Kolb T, Elahi R, Seeger J, Soris M, Scheitler CJ, Hentschel O, Tremel J, Schmidt M Journal article Layerwise monitoring of electron beam melting via backscatter electron detection (2018) Arnold C, Pobel C, Osmanlic F, Körner C Journal article, Original article Analysis of time dependent thermal properties for high rates in selective laser sintering (2018) Wudy K, Drexler M, Lanzl L, Drummer D Journal article Fundamental investigation of part properties at accelerated beam speeds in the selective laser sintering process (2017) Lexow M, Drexler M, Drummer D Journal article Increasing flowability and bulk density of PE-HD powders by a dry particle coating process and impact on LBM processes (2015) Blümel C, Sachs M, Laumer T, Winzer B, Schmidt J, Schmidt M, Peukert W, Wirth KE Journal article, Original article In situ flaw detection by IR-imaging during electron beam melting (2012) Schwerdtfeger J, Singer R, Körner C Journal article, Original article Suitability of PLA/TCP for Fused Deposition Modeling (2012) Drummer D, Cifuentes SC, Rietzel D Journal article