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Southward Migration of Arctic Ocean Species During the Last Glacial Period (2022) Zhang P, Huang HH, Hong Y, Tian SY, Liu J, Il Lee Y, Chen J, et al. Journal article The 1820s Marks a Shift to Hotter-Drier Summers in Western Europe Since 1360 (2022) Wang L, Liu H, Chen D, Zhang P, Leavitt S, Liu Y, Fang C, et al. Journal article The Spontaneous Nature of Lightning Initiation Revealed (2021) Sterpka C, Dwyer J, Liu N, Hare BM, Scholten O, Buitink S, Veen St, Nelles A Journal article Mixing Enhancement Mechanisms in Aquifers Affected by Hydropeaking: Insights From Flow-Through Laboratory Experiments (2021) Ziliotto F, Basilio Hazas M, Rolle M, Chiogna G Journal article Distributed Global Debris Thickness Estimates Reveal Debris Significantly Impacts Glacier Mass Balance (2021) Rounce DR, Hock R, McNabb RW, Millan R, Sommer C, Braun M, Malz P, et al. Journal article Using Thermal Springs to Quantify Deep Groundwater Flow and Its Thermal Footprint in the Alps and a Comparison With North American Orogens (2020) Luijendijk E, Winter T, Köhler S, Ferguson G, von Hagke C, Scibek J Journal article Drought Reconstruction Over the Past Two Centuries in Southern Myanmar Using Teak Tree-Rings: Linkages to the Pacific and Indian Oceans (2020) Zaw Z, Fan ZX, Bräuning A, Xu CX, Liu WJ, Gaire NP, Panthi S, Than KZ Journal article Snow Mechanics Near the Ductile-Brittle Transition: Compressive Stick-Slip and Snow Microquakes (2020) Löwe H, Zaiser M, Mösinger S, Schleef S Journal article Underwater Ice Terrace Observed at the Front of Glaciar Grey, a Freshwater Calving Glacier in Patagonia (2019) Sugiyama S, Minowa M, Schaefer M Journal article The ice‐free topography of Svalbard (2018) Fürst J, Navarro FJ, Gillet-Chaulet F, Huss M, Moholdt G, Fettweis X, Lang C, et al. Journal article, Letter