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Publisher: Meteoritical Society

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U-series and oxygen isotope chronology of the mid-Pleistocene Lake Amora (Dead Sea basin) (2009) Torfstein A, Haase A, Waldmann N, Kolodny Y, Stein M, Schramm A Journal article, Original article The crystal and melt structure of spinel and alumina at high temperature: An in-situ XANES study at the Al and Mg K-edge (2009) Neuville DR, de Ligny D, Cormier L, Henderson GS, Roux J, Flank AM, Lagarde P Journal article Kinetics and mechanisms of iron redox reactions in silicate melts: The effects of temperature and alkali cations (2008) Magnien V, Neuville DR, Cormier L, Roux J, Hazemann JL, de Ligny D, Pascarelli S, et al. Journal article Kinetics and mechanisms of Iron redox reactions in silicate glasses and melts: A XANES study (2008) de Ligny D Journal article, Original article Structure of silicate melts using in situ high temperature X-ray absorption on light elements (Mg, Si, Al, K, Ca) (2008) de Ligny D Journal article, Original article From phosphors to ceramic magnets. Stability, crystal chemistry and applications of Hexa-aluminates and Hexa-ferrites (2007) Göbbels M Journal article Calcium isotope record of Phanerozoic oceans: Implications for chemical evolution of seawater and its causative mechanisms (2007) Farkaš J, Eisenhauer A, van Geldern R, Munnecke A Journal article, Original article Boron isotope geochemistry of Paleozoic brachiopod calcite: Implications for a secular change in the boron isotope geochemistry of seawater over the Phanerozoic (2005) Joachimski M, van Geldern R Journal article, Original article U-Th dating of Lake Lisan (late Pleistocene Dead Sea) aragonite and implications for glacial East Mediterranean climate change (2004) Schramm A, Haase A Journal article, Original article U/Th systematics and ages of authigenic carbonates from Hydrate Ridge, Cascadia Margin: Recorders of fluid flow variations (2003) Teichert B, Eisenhauer A, Bohrmann G, Haase A, Bock B, Linke P Journal article, Original article
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