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Reusable and inductively regenerable magnetic activated carbon for removal of organic micropollutants from secondary wastewater effluents (2024) Drenkova-Tuhtan A, Inskeep CS, Luthardt L, Deuso SL, Ballweg T, Hanselmann D, Béalu Z, et al. Journal article, Online publication Predicting the impact of temperature on metabolic fluxes using resource allocation modelling: Application to polyphosphate accumulating organisms (2023) Paez-Watson T, Van Loosdrecht MCM, Wahl SA Journal article Nondestructive 3D imaging and quantification of hydrated biofilm matrix by confocal Raman microscopy coupled with non-negative matrix factorization (2022) Liu XY, Guo S, Bocklitz T, Roesch P, Popp J, Yu HQ Journal article Prospects for multi-omics in the microbial ecology of water engineering (2021) Mcdaniel EA, Wahl SA, Ishii SI, Pinto A, Ziels R, Nielsen PH, Mcmahon KD, Williams RBH Journal article, Review article Settling characteristics of nonspherical porous sludge flocs with nonhomogeneous mass distribution (2019) Cui Y, Ravnik J, Steinmann P, Hribersek M Journal article, Original article Comment on “exposure to microplastics (<10 μm) associated to plastic bottles mineral water consumption: The first quantitative study by Zuccarello et al. [Water Research 157 (2019) 365–371]” (2019) Oßmann B, Schymanski D, Ivleva NP, Fischer D, Fischer F, Dallmann G, Welle F Journal article, Letter Removal of phosphonates from synthetic and industrial wastewater with reusable magnetic adsorbent particles (2018) Rott E, Nouri M, Meyer C, Minke R, Schneider M, Mandel K, Drenkova-Tuhtan A Journal article Small-sized microplastics and pigmented particles in bottled mineral water (2018) Oßmann B, Sarau G, Holtmannspötter H, Pischetsrieder M, Christiansen S, Dicke W Journal article Pilot-scale removal and recovery of dissolved phosphate from secondary wastewater effluents with reusable ZnFeZr adsorbent @ Fe3O4/SiO2 particles with magnetic harvesting (2017) Drenkova-Tuhtan A, Schneider M, Franzreb M, Meyer C, Gellermann C, Sextl G, Mandel K, Steinmetz H Journal article Phosphate recovery from wastewater using engineered superparamagnetic particles modified with layered double hydroxide ion exchangers (2013) Drenkova-Tuhtan A, Mandel K, Paulus A, Meyer C, Hutter F, Gellermann C, Sextl G, et al. Journal article