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Jens Kossmann 1963-2023 – a scientist with a passion for plant biology and people (2023) Lloyd JR, Sonnewald U Journal article How pollen tubes fight for food: the impact of sucrose carriers and invertases of Arabidopsis thaliana on pollen development and pollen tube growth (2023) Seitz J, Reimann T, Fritz C, Schröder C, Knab J, Weber W, Stadler R Journal article 3D segmentation of plant root systems using spatial pyramid pooling and locally adaptive field-of-view inference (2023) Alle J, Gruber R, Wörlein N, Uhlmann N, Claußen J, Wittenberg T, Gerth S Journal article A promoter toolbox for tissue-specific expression supporting translational research in cassava (Manihot esculenta) (2022) Zierer W, Anjanappa RB, Lamm C, Chang SH, Gruissem W, Sonnewald U Journal article High-throughput phenotyping of nematode cysts (2022) Chen L, Daub M, Luigs HG, Jansen M, Strauch M, Merhof D Journal article Cold-Triggered Induction of ROS- and Raffinose Metabolism in Freezing-Sensitive Taproot Tissue of Sugar Beet (2021) Keller I, Müdsam C, Rodrigues CM, Kischka D, Zierer W, Sonnewald U, Harms K, et al. Journal article X-Ray CT Phenotyping Reveals Bi-Phasic Growth Phases of Potato Tubers Exposed to Combined Abiotic Stress (2021) Van Harsselaar J, Claußen J, Lübeck J, Wörlein N, Uhlmann N, Sonnewald U, Gerth S Journal article Complex N-Glycans Are Important for Normal Fruit Ripening and Seed Development in Tomato (2021) Kaulfuerst-Soboll H, Mertens-Beer M, Brehler R, Albert M, Von Schaewen A Journal article Future-Proofing Potato for Drought and Heat Tolerance by Overexpression of Hexokinase and SP6A (2021) Lehretz G, Sonnewald S, Lugassi N, Granot D, Sonnewald U Journal article On the Way to Mars—Flagellated Algae in Bioregenerative Life Support Systems Under Microgravity Conditions (2020) Häder DP Journal article, Review article
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