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Anatomical leg length discrepancy in children: Can it be accurately determined using 3-D motion capturing? (2024) Böhm H, Reinhold SM, Dussa CU Journal article Characteristic 3D foot motion patterns during gait of patients with Charcot-Marie-Tooth identified by cluster analysis (2023) Schmidt S, Böhm H, Dussa CU, Bienias K, Fujak A Journal article Inertial sensor acquired foot elevation parameters validated by Motion capture in a cohort of patients with Hereditary Spastic Paraplegias (2023) Koch V, Jakob V, Küderle A, Ollenschläger M, Kotter K, Ibrahim A, Winkler J, et al. Journal article Treatment of spastic varus/ equinovarus foot with split-tendon transfers in cerebral palsy: How does it affect the hindfoot motion? (2022) Dussa CU, Böhm H, Döderlein L, Fujak A Journal article Biomechanical compensation mechanisms during stair climbing – The effect of leg length inequalities (2022) Siebers HL, Eschweiler J, Michalik R, Migliorini F, Tingart M, Betsch M Journal article Short distance analysis of the 400-meter walk test of mobility in community-dwelling older adults (2021) Krumpoch S, Lindemann U, Becker C, Sieber C, Freiberger E Journal article The influence of smartphone use on spinal posture – A laboratory study (2021) Betsch M, Kalbhen K, Michalik R, Schenker H, Gatz M, Quack V, Siebers H, et al. Journal article Is shortening of Tibialis Anterior in addition to calf muscle lengthening required to improve the active dorsal extension of the ankle joint in patients with Cerebral Palsy? (2021) Dussa CU, Böhm H, Döderlein L, Fujak A Journal article Introduction and evaluation of a novel multi-camera surface topography system (2020) Michalik R, Knod M, Siebers H, Gatz M, Dirrichs T, Eschweiler J, Quack V, Betsch M Journal article Gait features for discriminating between mobility-limiting musculoskeletal disorders: Lumbar spinal stenosis and knee osteoarthritis (2020) Odonkor C, Kuwabara A, Tomkins-Lane C, Zhang W, Muaremi A, Leutheuser H, Sun R, Smuck M Journal article
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