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The neural response at the fundamental frequency of speech is modulated by word-level acoustic and linguistic information (2022) Kegler M, Weissbart H, Reichenbach T Journal article Transient Motion Classification Through Turbid Volumes via Parallelized Single-Photon Detection and Deep Contrastive Embedding (2022) Xu S, Liu W, Yang X, Jönsson J, Qian R, McKee P, Kim K, et al. Journal article Intrinsic Noise Improves Speech Recognition in a Computational Model of the Auditory Pathway (2022) Schilling A, Gerum R, Metzner C, Maier A, Krauß P Journal article Multisite Dopamine Sensing With Femtomolar Resolution Using a CMOS Enabled Aptasensor Chip (2022) Sessi V, Ibarlucea B, Seichepine F, Klinghammer S, Ibrahim I, Heinzig A, Szabo N, et al. Journal article Circadian Sensitivity of Noise Trauma-Induced Hearing Loss and Tinnitus in Mongolian Gerbils (2022) Grimm J, Schulze H, Tziridis K Journal article Prediction of Speech Intelligibility by Means of EEG Responses to Sentences in Noise (2022) Muncke J, Kuruvila I, Hoppe U Journal article Current Trends in Deep Learning for Movement Analysis and Prosthesis Control (2022) Al-Timemy AH, Castellini C, Escudero J, Khushaba R, Muceli S Journal article, Editorial Spectrally Matched Near-Threshold Noise for Subjective Tinnitus Loudness Attenuation Based on Stochastic Resonance (2022) Tziridis K, Brunner S, Schilling A, Krauß P, Schulze H Journal article Speech Perception in Bilateral Hearing Aid Users With Different Grades of Asymmetric Hearing Loss (2022) Hoppe U, Hast A, Hocke T Journal article Speech-Driven Facial Animations Improve Speech-in-Noise Comprehension of Humans (2022) Varano E, Vougioukas K, Ma P, Petridis S, Pantic M, Reichenbach T Journal article
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