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Genetic Polymorphisms and Correlation with Treatment-Induced Cardiotoxicity and Prognosis in Patients with Breast Cancer (2022) Peddi PF, Fasching P, Liu D, Quinaux E, Robert NJ, Valero V, Crown J, et al. Journal article Gene-Expression Profiling of Mucinous Ovarian Tumors and Comparison with Upper and Lower Gastrointestinal Tumors Identifies Markers Associated with Adverse Outcomes. (2022) Meagher NS, Gorringe KL, Wakefield MJ, Bolithon A, Pang CNI, Chiu DS, Anglesio MS, et al. Journal article Phase Ib/II Trial of Ribociclib in Combination with Binimetinib in Patients with NRAS-mutant Melanoma. (2022) Schuler M, Zimmer L, Kim KB, Sosman JA, Ascierto PA, Postow MA, De Vos FY, et al. Journal article Quantification of translocation-specific ctDNA provides an integrating parameter for early assessment of treatment response and risk stratification in ewing sarcoma (2021) Krumbholz M, Eiblwieser J, Ranft A, Zierk J, Schmidkonz C, Stuetz AM, Peneder P, et al. Journal article Immune-related gene expression predicts response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy but not additional benefit from pd-l1 inhibition in women with early triple-negative breast cancer (2021) Sinn BV, Loibl S, Hanusch CA, Zahm DM, Sinn HP, Untch M, Weber K, et al. Journal article Diffusion-weighted imaging allows for downgrading mr bi-rads 4 lesions in contrast-enhanced mri of the breast to avoid unnecessary biopsy (2021) Clauser P, Krug B, Bickel H, Dietzel M, Pinker K, Neuhaus VF, Marino MA, et al. Journal article Tissue hypoxia and alterations in microvascular architecture predict glioblastoma recurrence in humans (2021) Stadlbauer A, Kinfe TM, Eyüpoglu IY, Zimmermann M, Kitzwoegerer M, Podar K, Buchfelder M, et al. Journal article Gene Expression Signatures of BRCAness and Tumor Inflammation Define Subgroups of Early-Stage Hormone Receptor-Positive Breast Cancer Patients (2020) Schroth W, Buettner FA, Kandabarau S, Hoppe R, Fritz P, Kumbrink J, Kirchner T, et al. Journal article Targeted Natural Killer Cell-Based Adoptive Immunotherapy for the Treatment of Patients with NSCLC after Radiochemotherapy: A Randomized Phase II Clinical Trial (2020) Multhoff G, Seier S, Stangl S, Sievert W, Shevtsov M, Werner C, Pockley AG, et al. Journal article Clinical characteristics and outcomes of coronavirus 2019 disease (COVID-19) in cancer patients treated with immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICI). (2020) Rogiers A, Tondini C, Grimes JM, Trager MH, Nahm S, Zubiri L, Papneja N, et al. Conference contribution