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High-throughput Raman spectroscopy allows ex vivo characterization of murine small intestinal intra-epithelial lymphocytes (IEL) (2023) Guliev RRR, Vogler T, Arend N, Eiserloh S, Wiede A, Kunert T, Dinkel M, et al. Journal article Raman spectroscopy for the differentiation of Enterobacteriaceae: a comparison of two methods (2022) Nakar A, Wagenhaus A, Roesch P, Popp J Journal article Assessment of shifted excitation Raman difference spectroscopy in highly fluorescent biological samples (2021) Korinth F, Shaik TA, Popp J, Krafft C Journal article Simple and rapid peptide nanoprobe biosensor for the detection of: Legionellaceae (2021) Alhogail S, Chinnappan R, Alrifai M, Suaifan GARY, Bikker FJ, Kaman WE, Weber K, et al. Journal article Nondestructive molecular imaging by Raman spectroscopy: Vs. marker detection by MALDI IMS for an early diagnosis of HCC (2021) Kirchberger-Tolstik T, Ryabchykov O, Bocklitz T, Dirsch O, Settmacher U, Popp J, Stallmach A Journal article Deep learning for 'artefact' removal in infrared spectroscopy (2020) Guo S, Mayerhoefer T, Pahlow S, Huebner U, Popp J, Bocklitz T Journal article Comparison of standard and HD FT-IR with multimodal CARS/TPEF/SHG/FLIMS imaging in the detection of the early stage of pulmonary metastasis of murine breast cancer (2020) Chrabaszcz K, Meyer T, Bae H, Schmitt M, Jasztal A, Smeda M, Stojak M, et al. Journal article Combined Raman and AFM detection of changes in HeLa cervical cancer cells induced by CeO2nanoparticles-molecular and morphological perspectives (2020) Miletic M, Askrabic S, Rueger J, Vasic B, Koricanac L, Mondol AS, Dellith J, et al. Journal article Removing interference-based effects from infrared spectra-interference fringes re-revisited (2020) Mayerhoefer TG, Pahlow S, Huebner U, Popp J Journal article Morpho-molecular ex vivo detection and grading of non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer using forward imaging probe based multimodal optical coherence tomography and Raman spectroscopy (2020) Placzek F, Cordero Bautista E, Kretschmer S, Wurster LMM, Knorr F, Gonzalez-Cerdas G, Erkkilae MTT, et al. Journal article
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