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Inexact hierarchical scale separation: a two-scale approach for linear systems from discontinuous Galerkin discretizations (2017) Thiele C, Araya-Polo M, Alpak FO, Rivière B, Frank F Journal article, Original article Optimum configuration for accurate simulations of chaotic porous media with Lattice Boltzmann Methods considering boundary conditions, lattice spacing and domain size (2017) Galache JPG, Gil A, Godenschwager C, Rüde U Journal article, Original article FESTUNG: A MATLAB /GNU Octave toolbox for the discontinuous Galerkin method. Part II: Advection operator and slope limiting (2016) Reuter B, Aizinger V, Wieland M, Frank F, Knabner P Journal article FESTUNG: A MATLAB/GNU Octave toolbox for the discontinuous Galerkin method. Part I: Diffusion operator (2015) Frank F, Reuter B, Aizinger V, Knabner P Journal article, Original article Simulating fast electron beam melting with a parallel thermal free surface lattice Boltzmann method (2014) Ammer R, Ljungblad U, Markl M, Körner C, Rüde U Journal article, Original article Free Surface Lattice Boltzmann with Enhanced Bubble Model (2014) Anderl D, Bogner S, Rauh C, Rüde U, Delgado A Journal article Comparison of Different Propagation Steps for Lattice Boltzmann Methods (2013) Wittmann M, Zeiser T, Hager G, Wellein G Journal article Simulation of floating bodies with lattice Boltzmann (2013) Bogner S, Rüde U Journal article Optimization of the multigrid-convergence rate on semi-structured meshes by local Fourier analysis (2012) Gmeiner B, Gradl T, Gaspar F, Rüde U Journal article Fluid flow simulation on the Cell Broadband Engine using the lattice Boltzmann method (2009) Stürmer M, Götz J, Richter G, Dörfler A, Rüde U Journal article
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