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Diagenesis makes the impossible come true: intersecting beds in calcareous turbidites (2015) Westphal H, Lavi J, Munnecke A Journal article, Original article The first sphinctozoan-bearing reef from an Ordovician back-arc basin (2015) Li Q, Li Y, Kießling W Journal article, Original article The Paleozoic problematica Wetheredella and Allonema are two aspects of the same organism (2014) Jarochowska E, Munnecke A Journal article, Original article Late Ordovician microbial reefs in the Lianglitag Formation (Bachu, Tarim, NW China) (2014) Zhang Y, Li Y, Munnecke A Journal article, Original article Age, facies and geometry of the Katian (Upper Ordovician) pelmatozoan-bryozoan-receptaculite reefs of the Vasalemma Formation, north Estonia (2014) Kröger B, Hints L, Lehnert O Journal article Facies development and sequence stratigraphy of the Ludfordian (Upper Silurian) deposits in the Zbruch River Valley, Podolia, western Ukraine: Local facies overprint on the δ13Ccarb record of a global stable carbon isotope excursion (2014) Jarochowska E, Kozłowski W Journal article, Original article Arctic rhodolith beds and their environmental controls (Spitsbergen, Norway) (2014) Teichert S, Woelkerling W, Rüggeberg A, Wisshak M, Piepenburg D, Meyerhöfer M, Form A, Freiwald A Journal article, Original article Tubiphytes Maslov, 1956 and description of similar organisms from Triassic reefs of the Tethys (2013) Senowbari-Daryan B Journal article A panorama of the fossil algae: from cyanobacteria and calcimicrobes to the green calcareous algae - A tribute to Erik Flügel and the Erlangen School (2013) Bucur II, Fürsich F Journal article, Editorial Upper Triassic (Carnian) reef biota from the Sambosan Accretionary Complex, Kyushu, Japan (2012) Senowbari-Daryan B, Stanley, Jr. GD, Onoue T Journal article
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