Numerical Linear Algebra With Applications

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ISSN: 1070-5325
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

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Inexact inner-outer Golub-Kahan bidiagonalization method: A relaxation strategy (2022) Darrigrand V, Dumitrasc A, Kruse C, Rüde U Journal article, Original article High-order multigrid strategies for hybrid high-order discretizations of elliptic equations (2022) Di Pietro DA, Matalon P, Mycek P, Rüde U Journal article Block low-rank single precision coarse grid solvers for extreme scale multigrid methods (2021) Buttari A, Huber M, Leleux P, Mary T, Rüde U, Wohlmuth B Journal article Experimental analysis of an FAC-based grid expansion scheme for open boundary problems (2012) Ritter D, Rüde U Journal article Optimizing the number of multigrid cycles in the full multigrid algorithm (2010) Thekale A, Gradl T, Klamroth K, Rüde U Journal article A fast-adaptive composite grid algorithm for solving the free-space Poisson problem on the cell broadband engine (2010) Ritter D, Stürmer M, Rüde U Journal article, Original article An iterative solver for the finite-difference frequency-domain (FDFD) method for the simulation of materials with negative permittivity (2010) Pflaum C, Rahimi Z Journal article, Original article A fast full multigrid solver for applications in image processing (2008) Stürmer M, Köstler H, Rüde U Journal article, Original article Multigrid solution of the optical flow system using a combined diffusion- and curvature-based regularizer (2008) Köstler H, Ruhnau K, Roman W Journal article An accurate multigrid solver for computing singular solutions of elliptic problems (2006) Köstler H, Rüde U Journal article