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Mineralogy and elemental geochemistry of pyrite coal-balls, Datong Coalfield, Shanxi Province, China: Implications for differentiation mechanism (2023) Hao H, Huang W, Hao R, Mu N, Wen L, Yu C Journal article Fingerprinting fluid evolution by trace elements in epithermal pyrite, Vatukoula Au-Te deposit, Fiji (2021) Börner F, Keith M, Smith DJ, Barry TL, Neumann T, Klemd R Journal article Trace element fractionation and precipitation in submarine back-arc hydrothermal systems, Nifonea caldera, New Hebrides subduction zone (2021) Keith M, Haase K, Häckel F, Schwarz-Schampera U, Klemd R, Hannington M, Strauss H, et al. Journal article Physicochemical constraints on indium-, tin-, germanium-, gallium-, gold-, and tellurium-bearing mineralizations in the Pefka and St Philippos polymetallic vein- and breccia-type deposits, Greece (2021) Voudouris P, Repstock A, Spry PG, Frenzel M, Mavrogonatos C, Keith M, Tarantola A, et al. Journal article, Original article Desulphurisation, chromite alteration, and bulk rock PGE redistribution in massive chromitite due to hydrothermal overprint of the Panton Intrusion, east Kimberley, Western Australia (2020) Beinlich A, von Heydebrand A, Klemd R, Martin L, Hicks J Journal article Porphyry and epithermal deposits in Greece: An overview, new discoveries, and mineralogical constraints on their genesis (2019) Voudouris P, Mavrogonatos C, Spry PG, Baker T, Melfos V, Klemd R, Haase K, et al. Journal article, Review article Post-Variscan structurally-controlled hydrothermal Zn-Fe-Pb sulfide and F-Ba mineralization in deep-seated Paleozoic units of the North German Basin: A review (2019) Nadoll P, Sosnicka M, Kraemer D, Duschl F Journal article, Review article Trace element systematics and ore-forming processes in mafic VMS deposits: Evidence from the Troodos ophiolite, Cyprus (2019) Martin AJ, Keith M, Mcdonald I, Haase K, Mcfall KA, Klemd R, Macleod CJ Journal article The Cristal Zinc prospect (Amazonas region, northern Peru). Part I: New insights on the sulfide mineralization in the Bongará province (2018) Mondillo N, Arfè G, Boni M, Ballasone P, Boyce A, Joachimski M, Kang J, Villa I Journal article, Original article Age and granite association of skarn W mineralization at Niutangjie district, South China Block (2018) Chen X, Liang H, Richards JP, Huang W, Zhang J, Wu J, Sotiriou P Journal article, Original article