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Similarities and Differences in Benzene Reduction with Ca, Sr, Yb and Sm: Strong Evidence for Tetra-Anionic Benzene (2024) Thakur SK, Roig N, Monreal-Corona R, Langer J, Alonso M, Harder S Journal article Divalent Titanium via Reductive N−C Coupling of a TiIV Nitrido with π-Acids (2024) Bhunia M, Sandoval-Pauker C, Fehn D, Grant LN, Senthil S, Gau MR, Ozarowski A, et al. Journal article Formation, Structure and Reactivity of a Beryllium(0) Complex with Mgδ+−Beδ− Bond Polarization (2024) Berthold C, Maurer J, Klerner L, Harder S, Buchner MR Journal article Peri-Anthracenethioindigo: A Scaffold for Efficient All-Red-Light and Near-Infrared Molecular Photoswitching** (2023) Köttner L, Ciekalski E, Dube H Journal article Functionalisation of Graphene Sensor Surfaces for the Specific Detection of Biomarkers (2023) Von Lueders L, Tilmann R, Lee K, Bartlam C, Stimpel-Lindner T, Nevanen TK, Iljin K, et al. Journal article Heptagon-Containing Nanographene Embedded into [10]Cycloparaphenylene (2023) Mora-Fuentes JP, Codesal MD, Reale M, Cruz CM, Jiménez VG, Sciortino A, Cannas M, et al. Journal article Micromolar Affinity and Higher: Synthetic Host-Guest Complexes with High Stabilities (2023) Sarkar S, Ballester P, Spektor M, Kataev E Journal article, Review article Helical Bilayer Nonbenzenoid Nanographene Bearing a [10]Helicene with Two Embedded Heptagons (2023) Yang L, Ju YY, Medel MAA, Fu Y, Komber H, Dmitrieva E, Zhang JJ, et al. Journal article Unravelling the Molecular Structure and Confining Environment of an Organometallic Catalyst Heterogenized within Amorphous Porous Polymers** (2023) Jabbour R, Ashling CW, Robinson TC, Khan AH, Wisser D, Berruyer P, Ghosh AC, et al. Journal article Connecting Ruthenium Photocatalysis to 1,2-Dioxetane-Mediated Chemiluminescence: a Versatile Combination for Optical Detection and Read-Out (2023) Köckenberger J, Thurston R, Sauer C, Oppl J, Heinrich M Journal article