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Geochemistry of Archean anorthosite-bearing layered intrusions (2024) Sotiriou P, Polat A, Kusky T, Windley BF, Frei R, Yang XM Journal article, Review article The origins and transformation of carbonate mud during early marine burial diagenesis and the fate of aragonite: A stratigraphic sedimentological perspective (2023) Munnecke A, Wright VP, Nohl T Journal article, Review article A review of the genetic mechanisms generating igneous charnockite: CO2 flushing and crystal-melt segregation in mushy reservoirs (2023) Zhao K, Xu X, Klemd R, He Z, Zhang X Journal article, Review article Temporal variations in the incompatible trace element systematics of Archean TTGs: Implications for crustal growth and tectonic processes in the early Earth (2023) Sotiriou P, Polat A, Windley B, Kusky T Journal article, Review article Stratigraphy of the Guadalupian (Permian) siliceous deposits from central Guizhou of South China: Regional correlations with implications for carbonate productivity during the Middle Permian biocrisis (2022) Meng Q, Xue W, Chen F, Yan J, Cai J, Sun Y, Wignall PB, et al. Journal article, Review article Transfer and transformations of oxygen in rivers as catchment reflectors of continental landscapes: A review (2021) Piatka D, Wild R, Hartmann J, Kaule R, Kaule L, Gilfedder B, Peiffer S, et al. Journal article, Review article The Mid-Ludfordian (late Silurian) Glaciation: a link with global changes in ocean chemistry and ecosystem overturns (2021) Frýda J, Lehnert O, Joachimski M, Männik P, Kubajko M, Mergl M, Farkaš J, Frýdová B Journal article Mapping paleocoastlines and continental flooding during the Phanerozoic (2021) Kocsis Á, Scotese CR Journal article, Review article Devonian paleoclimate and its drivers: A reassessment based on a new conodont δ18O record from South China (2021) Chen B, Ma X, Mills BJ, Qie W, Joachimski M, Shen S, Wang C, et al. Journal article, Original article Depositional controls on sediment properties in dryland rivers: Influence on near-surface diagenesis (2020) Henares S, Donselaar EM, Caracciolo L Journal article, Review article
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