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Error-driven adaptive mesh refinement for unsteady turbulent flows in spectral-element simulations (2023) Offermans N, Massaro D, Peplinski A, Schlatter P Journal article Comparison of a finite volume and two Lattice Boltzmann solvers for swirled confined flows (2022) Aniello A, Schuster D, Werner P, Boussuge JF, Gatti M, Mirat C, Selle L, et al. Journal article Topology optimization of unsteady flows using the spectral element method (2022) Nobis H, Schlatter P, Wadbro E, Berggren M, Henningson DS Journal article On numerical uncertainties in scale-resolving simulations of canonical wall turbulence (2021) Rezaeiravesh S, Vinuesa R, Schlatter P Journal article Adaptive mesh refinement for steady flows in Nek5000 (2020) Offermans N, Peplinski A, Marin O, Schlatter P Journal article Towards a unified shear-induced lift model for prolate spheroidal particles moving in arbitrary non-uniform flow (2020) Cui Y, Ravnik J, Hriberšek M, Steinmann P Journal article Editorial for the Special Issue “DSFD 2017” (2019) Scagliarini A, Bogner S, Harting J Journal article Simulations of gas-liquid compressible-incompressible systems using SPH (2019) Nair P, Tomar G Journal article A coupled lattice Boltzmann method and discrete element method for discrete particle simulations of particulate flows (2018) Rettinger C, Rüde U Journal article, Original article Lattice Boltzmann benchmark kernels as a testbed for performance analysis (2018) Wittmann M, Haag V, Zeiser T, Köstler H, Wellein G Journal article, Original article
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