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Carbon literacy – Can simple interventions help? Effect of information provision on emissions knowledge of private households (2024) Kretschmer S Journal article Is renewable energy technology trade more or less conflictive than other trade? (2023) Apergi M, Zimmermann E, Weko S, Lilliestam J Journal article Let it grow: How community solar policy can increase PV adoption in cities (2023) Nuñez-Jimenez A, Mehta P, Griego D Journal article The influence of state politics on solar energy auction results (2022) Wrede M Journal article Does green growth foster green policies? Value chain upgrading and feedback mechanisms on renewable energy policies (2022) Eicke L, Weko S Journal article, Original article Bridging the low-carbon technology gap? Assessing energy initiatives for the Global South (2022) Weko S, Goldthau A Journal article, Original article Effects of coordinating support policy changes on renewable power investor choices in Europe (2021) Melliger M, Lilliestam J Journal article Effects of electricity demand reductions under a carbon pricing regime on emissions: lessons from COVID-19 (2021) Haxhimusa A, Liebensteiner M Journal article, Original article On the socio-technical potential for onshore wind in Europe: A response to Enevoldsen et al. (2019), Energy Policy, 132, 1092-1100 (2020) McKenna R, Ryberg DS, Staffell I, Hahmann AN, Schmidt J, Heinrichs H, Höltinger S, et al. Journal article Green innovations: The organizational setup of pilot projects and its influence on consumer perceptions (2020) Grimm V, Kretschmer S, Mehl S Journal article
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