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A mixed-integer approximation of robust optimization problems with mixed-integer adjustments (2023) Kronqvist J, Li B, Rolfes J Journal article, Original article Optimization over decision trees: a case study for the design of stable direct-current electricity networks (2023) Gutina D, Bärmann A, Roeder G, Schellenberger M, Liers-Bergmann F Journal article Robust DC Optimal Power Flow with Modeling of Solar Power Supply Uncertainty via R-Vine Copulas (2022) Aigner KM, Schaumann P, von Loeper F, Martin A, Schmidt V, Liers F Journal article, Original article An integrated rolling horizon and adaptive-refinement approach for disjoint trajectories optimization (2022) Hoch B, Liers F Journal article An Integrated Rolling Horizon and Adaptive-Refinement Approach for Disjoint Trajectories Optimization (2022) Hoch B, Liers F Journal article Probabilistic constrained optimization on flow networks (2022) Gugat M, Schuster M, Lang J, Strauch E Journal article, Online publication A modular framework for distributed model predictive control of nonlinear continuous-time systems (GRAMPC-D) (2022) Burk D, Völz A, Graichen K Journal article Transient gas pipeline flow: analytical examples, numerical simulation and a comparison to the quasi-static approach (2021) Gugat M, Krug R, Martin A Journal article, Original article Nonlinear optimization of district heating networks (2020) Krug R, Mehrmann V, Schmidt M Journal article Maximizing the storage capacity of gas networks: a global MINLP approach (2019) Burlacu R, Egger H, Gross M, Martin A, Pfetsch ME, Schewe L, Sirvent M, Skutella M Journal article