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Reconstructing post-Jurassic overburden in central Europe: new insights from mudstone compaction and thermal history analyses of the Franconian Alb, SE Germany (2022) Freitag S, Drews M, Bauer W, Duschl F, Misch D, Stollhofen H Journal article Variscan structures and their control on latest to post-Variscan basin architecture: Insights from the westernmost Bohemian Massif and southeastern Germany (2022) Fazlikhani H, Bauer W, Stollhofen H Journal article Late to post-Variscan basement segmentation and differential exhumation along the SW Bohemian Massif, central Europe (2021) Eberts A, Fazlikhani H, Bauer W, Stollhofen H, de Wall H, Gabriel G Journal article Regional-scale paleofluid system across the Tuscan Nappe-Umbria-Marche Apennine Ridge (northern Apennines) as revealed by mesostructural and isotopic analyses of stylolite-vein networks (2020) Beaudoin NE, Labeur A, Lacombe O, Köhn D, Billi A, Hoareau G, Boyce A, et al. Journal article Fault-controlled fluid circulation and diagenesis along basin-bounding fault systems in rifts -- insights from the East Greenland rift system (2020) Salomon E, Rotevatn A, Kristensen TB, Grundvåg SA, Henstra GA, Meckler AN, Albert R, Gerdes A Journal article Determinants of farmers' tree-planting investment decisions as a degraded landscape management strategy in the central highlands of Ethiopia (2016) Gessesse B, Bewket W, Bräuning A Journal article Feathery and network-like filamentous textures as indicators for the re-crystallization of quartz from a metastable silica precursor at the Rusey Fault Zone, Cornwall, UK (2016) Yilmaz TI, Duschl F, Di Genova D Journal article, Original article