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A thermo-mechanical model for hot cracking susceptibility in electron beam powder bed fusion of Ni-base superalloys (2024) Wahlmann B, Markl M, Körner C Journal article A Thermo-Mechanical Model for Hot Cracking Susceptibility in Electron Beam Powder Bed Fusion of Ni-Base Superalloys (2023) Wahlmann B, Markl M, Körner C Journal article Novel nanoindentation strain rate sweep method for continuously investigating the strain rate sensitivity of materials at the nanoscale (2023) Holz H, Merle B Journal article Exploring the mechanical properties of additively manufactured carbon-rich zirconia 3D microarchitectures (2023) Winczewski JP, Zeiler S, Gabel S, Susarrey-Arce A, Gardeniers JG, Merle B Journal article Detection and effects of lack of fusion defects in Hastelloy X manufactured by laser powder bed fusion (2023) Palm MS, Diepold B, Neumeier S, Höppel HW, Göken M, Zaeh MF Journal article Mesostructural impact on the macroscopic stress state and yield locus of porous polycrystalline silver (2022) Letz SA, Zhao D, März M Journal article Bioinspired damage tolerant diamond-metal laminates by alternating CVD and PVD processes (2022) Fromm T, Bruns S, Müller MC, Fink A, Borchardt R, Rosiwal S, Durst K Journal article How electron beam melting tailors the Al-sensitive microstructure and mechanical response of a novel process-adapted γ-TiAl based alloy (2021) Wimler D, Käsznar K, Musi M, Breuning C, Markl M, Keckes J, Clemens H, et al. Journal article Effect of AlSi10Mg0.4 long-term reused powder in PBF-LB/M on the mechanical properties (2021) Fiegl T, Franke M, Raza A, Hryha E, Körner C Journal article A novel rapid alloy development method towards powder bed additive manufacturing, demonstrated for binary Al-Ti, -Zr and -Nb alloys (2021) Leijon F, Wachter S, Fu Z, Körner C, Skjervold S, Moverare J Journal article
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