Smart Materials and Structures

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eISSN: 1361-665X
Publisher: Institute of Physics Publishing (IOP)

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Investigating the importance of strain-coupling in lead-free 2-2 relaxor/ferroelectric composites with digital image correlation (2022) Martin A, Maier J, Streich F, Kamlah M, Webber KG Journal article Effects of soft and hard magnetic particles on the mechanical performance of ultra-soft magnetorheological elastomers (2022) Moreno Mateos MA, Lopez-Donaire ML, Mokarram H, Garcia-Gonzalez D Journal article Modelling electro-active polymers with a dispersion-type anisotropy (2018) Hossain M, Steinmann P Journal article Review of the mechanical and fracture behavior of perovskite lead-free ferroelectrics for actuator applications (2017) Webber KG, Voegler M, Khansur NH, Kaeswurm B, Daniels JE, Schader F Journal article, Review article Preparation of magnetorheological elastomers and their slip-free characterization by means of parallel-plate rotational rheometry (2017) Walter B, Pelteret JP, Kaschta J, Schubert DW, Steinmann P Journal article, Original article Fabrication and characterisation of a fully auxetic 3D lattice structure via selective electron beam melting (2017) Warmuth F, Adler L, Osmanlic F, Lodes M, Körner C Journal article, Original article The effect of a negative Poisson's ratio on thermal stresses in cellular metallic structures (2016) Adler L, Warmuth F, Lodes M, Osmanlic F, Körner C Journal article, Original article Effect of embedded printed circuit board (PCB) sensors on the mechanical behavior of glass fiber-reinforced polymer (GFRP) structures (2016) Javdanitehran M, Hoffmann R, Groh J, Vossiek M, Ziegmann G Journal article, Original article A systematic approach to identify cellular auxetic materials (2015) Körner C, Liebold Ribeiro Y Journal article, Original article Influence of the fabrication process on the functionality of piezoceramic patch transducers embedded in aluminum die castings (2012) Klassen A, Rübner M, Ilg J, Rupitsch S, Lerch R, Singer R, Körner C Journal article