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The Role of Alkali Cations on the Selectivity of 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural Electroreduction on Glassy Carbon (2024) Asfia MP, Cuomo A, Kloth R, Mayrhofer KJ, Nikolaienko P Journal article Tailoring Cu Electrodes for Enhanced CO2 Electroreduction through Plasma Electrolysis in Non-Conventional Phosphorus-Oxoanion-Based Electrolytes (2023) Elnagar MM, Menezes PV, Parada WA, Mattausch Y, Kibler LA, Mayrhofer K, Jacob T Journal article Electrolyte Engineering Stabilizes Photoanodes Decorated with Molecular Catalysts (2023) Jenewein KJ, Wang Y, Liu T, McDonald T, Zlatar M, Kulyk N, Benavente Llorente V, et al. Journal article Investigating the Influence of Treatments on Carbon Felts for Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries (2023) Schilling M, Eifert L, Köble K, Jaugstetter M, Bevilacqua N, Fahy KF, Tschulik K, et al. Journal article Sustainable Protein-Based Binder for Lithium-Sulfur Cathodes Processed by a Solvent-Free Dry-Coating Method (2022) Schmidt F, Kirchhoff S, Jaegle K, De A, Ehrling S, Haertel P, Doerfler S, et al. Journal article Boosting Efficiency in Light-Driven Water Splitting by Dynamic Irradiation through Synchronizing Reaction and Transport Processes** (2022) Sender M, Huber FL, Moersch MCG, Kowalczyk D, Hniopek J, Klingler S, Schmitt M, et al. Journal article A Kinetically Superior Rechargeable Zinc-Air Battery Derived from Efficient Electroseparation of Zinc, Lead, and Copper in Concentrated Solutions (2022) Chen P, Wang X, Li D, Pietsch T, Ruck M Journal article On-line Electrode Dissolution Monitoring during Organic Electrosynthesis: Direct Evidence of Electrode Dissolution during Kolbe Electrolysis (2022) Ranninger J, Nikolaienko P, Mayrhofer K, Berkes B Journal article Carbonate-Induced Electrosynthesis of Hydrogen Peroxide via Two-Electron Water Oxidation (2022) Mavrikis S, Göltz M, Rosiwal S, Wang L, De Leon CP Journal article Electrocatalytic Energy Release of Norbornadiene-Based Molecular Solar Thermal Systems: Tuning the Electrochemical Stability by Molecular Design (2022) Franz E, Krappmann D, Fromm L, Luchs T, Görling A, Hirsch A, Brummel O, Libuda J Journal article
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