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Quality Control in Particle Precipitation via Robust Optimization (2024) Kuchlbauer M, Dienstbier J, Muneer A, Hedges H, Stingl M, Liers F, Pflug L Journal article, Original article Robust Optimization in Nanoparticle Technology: A Proof of Principle by Quantum Dot Growth in a Residence Time Reactor (2021) Dienstbier J, Aigner KM, Rolfes J, Peukert W, Segets D, Pflug L, Liers F Journal article, Original article eMoM: Exact method of moments—Nucleation and size dependent growth of nanoparticles (2020) Pflug L, Schikarski T, Keimer A, Peukert W, Stingl M Journal article Global optimization of batch and steady-state recycling chromatography based on the equilibrium model (2020) Dienstbier J, Schmölder J, Burlacu R, Liers F, Kaspereit M Journal article, Original article A widely applicable tool for modeling precipitation processes (2017) Haderlein M, Güldenpfennig A, Segets D, Peukert W Journal article, Original article Solving power-constrained gas transportation problems using an MIP-based alternating direction method (2015) Geißler B, Morsi A, Schewe L, Schmidt M Journal article, Original article Optimal cut-times finding strategies for collecting a target component from overloaded elution chromatograms (2013) Sreedhar B, Wagler A, Kaspereit M, Seidel-Morgenstern A Journal article, Original article Dynamics of liquid-liquid systems based on linear thermodynamics of irreversible processes (2011) Imam RA, Freund H, Sundmacher K Journal article Design of adaptive feedforward control under input constraints for a benchmark CSTR based on a BVP solver (2009) Graichen K, Hagenmeyer V, Zeitz M Journal article