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Methods for integrating postural control into biomechanical human simulations: a systematic review (2023) Shanbhag J, Wolf A, Wechsler I, Fleischmann S, Winkler J, Leyendecker S, Eskofier B, et al. Journal article, Review article Assessing real-world gait with digital technology? Validation, insights and recommendations from the Mobilise-D consortium (2023) Micó-Amigo ME, Bonci T, Paraschiv-Ionescu A, Ullrich M, Kirk C, Soltani A, Küderle A, et al. Journal article Going beyond PA: Assessing sensorimotor capacity with wearables in multiple sclerosis-a cross-sectional study (2023) Gulde P, Vojta H, Schmidle S, Rieckmann P, Hermsdörfer J Journal article Simultaneous assessment and training of an upper-limb amputee using incremental machine-learning-based myocontrol: a single-case experimental design (2023) Nowak M, Bongers RM, van der Sluis CK, Albu-Schäffer A, Castellini C Journal article Design and validation of a multi-task, multi-context protocol for real-world gait simulation (2022) Scott K, Bonci T, Salis F, Alcock L, Buckley E, Gazit E, Hansen C, et al. Journal article Real-time motion onset recognition for robot-assisted gait rehabilitation (2022) Hassani RH, Bannwart M, Bolliger M, Seel T, Brunner R, Rauter G Journal article Hidden Markov Model based stride segmentation on unsupervised free-living gait data in Parkinson’s disease patients (2021) Roth N, Küderle A, Ullrich M, Gladow T, Marxreiter F, Klucken J, Eskofier B, Kluge F Journal article Inertial sensor-based gait parameters reflect patient-reported fatigue in multiple sclerosis (2020) Ibrahim A, Küderle A, Gaßner H, Klucken J, Eskofier B, Kluge F Journal article Supporting front crawl swimming in paraplegics using electrical stimulation: A feasibility study (2020) Wiesener C, Spieker L, Axelgaard J, Horton R, Niedeggen A, Wenger N, Seel T, Schauer T Journal article Correction to: Development and clinical validation of inertial sensor-based gait-clustering methods in Parkinson's disease (J Neuroeng Rehabil (2019) 16:77 DOI: 10.1186/s12984-019-0548-2) (2019) Nguyen A, Roth N, Haji Ghassemi N, Hannink J, Seel T, Klucken J, Gaßner H, Eskofier B Journal article, Erratum