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Publisher: American Chemical Society

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Multifunctional Chitosan Scaffold Platforms Loaded with Natural Polyphenolic Extracts for Wound Dressing Applications (2023) Borges-Vilches J, Ünalan I, Aguayo CR, Fernández K, Boccaccini AR Journal article How to Determine a Suitable Alginate for Biofabrication Approaches using an Extensive Alginate Library? (2023) Karakaya E, Schöbel L, Zhong Y, Hazur J, Heid S, Forster L, Tessmar J, et al. Journal article Adjusting Degree of Modification and Composition of gelAGE-Based Hydrogels Improves Long-Term Survival and Function of Primary Human Fibroblasts and Endothelial Cells in 3D Cultures (2023) Genc H, Cianciosi A, Lohse R, Stahlhut P, Groll J, Alexiou C, Cicha I, Juengst T Journal article β-Sheet Structure Formation within Binary Blends of Two Spider Silk Related Peptides (2023) Hofmaier M, Malanin M, Bittrich E, Lentz S, Urban B, Scheibel T, Fery A, Mueller M Journal article Tuning the Phytoglycogen Size and Aggregate Structure with Solvent Quality: Influence of Water-Ethanol Mixtures Revealed by X-ray and Light Scattering Techniques (2023) Kämäräinen T, Kadota K, Tse JY, Uchiyama H, Oguchi T, Arima-Osonoi H, Tozuka Y Journal article Redox- and pH-Responsive Polymersomes with Ferrocene Moieties Exhibiting Peroxidase-like, Chemoenzymatic Activity and H2O2-Responsive Release Behavior (2022) Moreno S, Huebner H, Effenberg C, Boye S, Ramuglia A, Schmitt D, Voit B, et al. Journal article Probing Crowdedness of Artificial Organelles by Clustering Polymersomes for Spatially Controlled and pH-Triggered Enzymatic Reactions (2022) Wang P, Moreno S, Janke A, Boye S, Wang D, Schwarz S, Voit B, Appelhans D Journal article Recombinant Spider Silk Bioinks for Continuous Protein Release by Encapsulated Producer Cells (2022) Trossmann VT, Heltmann-Meyer S, Amouei H, Wajant H, Horch RE, Steiner D, Scheibel T Journal article An Inverse Thermogelling Bioink Based on an ABA-Type Poly(2-oxazoline) Amphiphile (2021) Hahn L, Karakaya E, Zorn T, Sochor B, Maier M, Stahlhut P, Forster S, et al. Journal article Avidin Localizations in pH-Responsive Polymersomes for Probing the Docking of Biotinylated (Macro)molecules in the Membrane and Lumen (2020) Moreno S, Boye S, Lederer A, Falanga A, Galdiero S, Lecommandoux S, Voit B, Appelhans D Journal article
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