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Aggregation effects for microgrid communities at varying sizes and prosumer‐consumer ratios (2019) Griego D, Schopfer S, Henze G, Fleisch E, Tiefenbeck V Journal article Analytical Assessment of Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Storage Concerning their Merits for the Electric Power System (2017) Henninger S, Jäger J, Hofmann T Conference contribution Laboratory Measurements of Gravel Thermal Conductivity: An Update Methodological Approach (2017) Dalla Santa G, Peron F, Galgaro A, Cultrera M, Bertermann D, Müller J, Bernardi A Journal article EU project "cheap-GSHPs": The geoexchange field laboratory (2017) Dalla Santa G, Bernini M, Müller J, Zarrella A, Cultrera M, Di Tuccio M, Bernardi A, et al. Journal article, Online publication Combustion of solid fuel in a hybrid porous reactor (2017) Jovicic V, Fedorova N, Zbogar-Rasic A, Makongue Nloka DEG, Reichert F, Delgado A Journal article Persistent and adaptive power system for solar powered sensors of Internet of Things (IoT) (2017) Sahraei N, Watson S, Sofia S, Pennes A, Buonassisi T, Peters IM Conference contribution Combining Frequency Containment Reserves and Renewable Power Leveling in Energy Storage Systems (2016) Henninger S, Schröder M, Jäger J Journal article Progress on Numerical Reactive Diffusion Modeling of CuInSe2 Phase Formation for Solar Cell Applications (2015) Zweschke A, Wellmann P Journal article Synthesis of In2Se3 and Cu2-xSe Micro- and Nanoparticles with Microwave-Assisted Solvothermal and Aqueous Redox Reactions for the Preparation and Stabilization of Printable Precursors for a CuInSe2 Solar Cell Absorber Layer (2015) Schuster M, Distaso M, Möckel S, Künecke U, Peukert W, Wellmann P Journal article Towards the growth of SiGeC epitaxial layers for the application in Si solar cells (2015) Wilhelm M, Beck F, Wellmann P Journal article
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