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A Co-Simulation Model Integrating a Musculoskeletal Human Model with Exoskeleton and Power Tool Model (2024) Molz C, Scherb D, Löffelmann C, Sänger J, Yao Z, Lindenmann A, Matthiesen S, et al. Journal article, Original article High Reliable Uplink Transmission Methods in GEO–LEO Heterogeneous Satellite Network (2023) Li G, Li T, Yue X, Hou T, Dai B Journal article Electrochemical Disinfection of Root Canals Bears No Risk of Damaging Periapical Tissues in a Dog Model (2023) Koch M, Demmer E, Palarie V, Burkovski A, Karl M Journal article Aortic Hemodynamics with Accelerated Dual-Venc 4D Flow MRI in Type B Aortic Dissection (2023) Kilinc O, Baraboo J, Engel J, Giese D, Jin N, Weiss EK, Maroun A, et al. Journal article AI4PD—Towards a Standardized Interconnection of Artificial Intelligence Methods with Product Development Processes (2023) Gerschütz B, Götz S, Wartzack S Journal article Thermodynamics of Chemical Hydrogen Storage: Are Sterically Hindered and Overcrowded Molecules More Effective? (2023) Verevkin SP, Samarov AA, Turovtsev VV, Vostrikov SV, Wasserscheid P, Müller K Journal article Design and Numerical-Method-Aided Optimization of a Novel Attachment System for Implant-Retained Dental Prostheses Using NiTi Shape Memory Alloys (2023) Shayanfard P, Wendler F, Hempel P, Karl M Journal article Generating Digital Twins for Path-Planning of Autonomous Robots and Drones Using Constrained Homotopic Shrinking for 2D and 3D Environment Modeling (2022) Denk M, Bickel S, Steck P, Götz S, Völkl H, Wartzack S Journal article Advanced Analysis of Electroretinograms Based on Wavelet Scalogram Processing (2022) Zhdanov A, Dolganov A, Zanca D, Borisov V, Ronkin M Journal article Is There an Influence of Electrically Stimulated Osteoblasts on the Induction of Osteoclastogenesis? (2022) Sahm F, Jakovljevic A, Bader R, Detsch R, Jonitz-Heincke A Journal article