Methods of Information in Medicine

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eISSN: 2511-705X
Publisher: Thieme Publishing

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Report from the 68th GMDS Annual Meeting: ScienceClose to People (2024) Bienzeisler J, Perez-Garriga A, Brandl LC, Kock-Schoppenhauer AK, Hollenbenders Y, Kurscheidt M, Schüttler C Journal article Privacy-Preserving Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Biomedicine (2022) Torkzadehmahani R, Nasirigerdeh R, Blumenthal DB, Kacprowski T, List M, Matschinske J, Spaeth J, et al. Journal article Exchange of Clinical and Omics Data According to FAIR Principles: A Review of Open Source Solutions (2020) Pugliese P, Knell C, Christoph J Journal article Addendum to: Approaches to Regularized Regression - A Comparison between Gradient Boosting and the Lasso (2019) Hepp T, Schmid M, Gefeller O, Waldmann E, Mayr A Journal article, Erratum MIRACUM: Medical Informatics in Research and Care in University Medicine (2018) Prokosch HU, Acker T, Bernarding J, Binder H, Boeker M, Boerries M, Daumke P, et al. Journal article One Year with Methods Open (2017) Koch S, Gefeller O, Haux R Journal article Back on Track (2017) Koch S, Gefeller O, Sarkar IN, Haux R Journal article Data requirements for the correct identification of medication errors and adverse drug events in patients presenting at an emergency department (2017) Plank-Kiegele B, Bürkle T, Müller F, Patapovas A, Sonst A, Pfistermeister B, Dormann H, Maas R Journal article Quality Requirements for Electronic Health Record Systems*. A Japanese-German Information Management Perspective (2017) Winter A, Takabayashi K, Jahn F, Kimura E, Engelbrecht R, Haux R, Honda M, et al. Journal article Registries in Clinical Epidemiology: the European Surveillance System on Contact Allergies (ESSCA) (2016) Uter W, Schnuch A, Wilkinson M, Dugonik A, Dugonik B, Ganslandt T Journal article
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