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Changes in muscle activities and kinematics due to simulated leg length inequalities (2021) Siebers HL, Eschweiler J, Migliorini F, Quack VM, Tingart M, Betsch M Journal article Radiostereometric migration measurement of an uncemented Cerafit® femoral stem: 26 patients followed for 10 years (2017) Sesselmann S, Hong Y, Schlemmer F, Hussnaetter I, Müller LA, Forst R, Tschunko F Journal article Migration measurement of the cemented Lubinus SP II hip stem - a 10-year follow-up using radiostereometric analysis (2016) Sesselmann S, Hong Y, Schlemmer F, Wiendieck K, Söder S, Hussnaetter I, Müller LA, et al. Journal article Interactive near-real-time high-resolution imaging for MR-guided lumbar interventions using ZOOM imaging in an open 1.0 Tesla MRI system - Initial experience (2015) Makowski MR, Jonczyk M, Streitparth F, Guettler F, Rathke H, Suttmeyer B, Albrecht L, et al. Journal article Magnetic nanoparticles for magnetic drug targeting (2015) Lyer S, Singh R, Tietze R, Alexiou C Journal article Radiostereometric migration analysis of the Cerafit femoral stem: 28 patients followed for 2 years (2015) Tschunko F, Wagner B, Hong Y, Söder S, Wölfel R, Müller LA, Forst R, Sesselmann S Journal article Treatment of arrhythmias by external charged particle beams: a Langendorff feasibility study (2015) Prall M, Lehmann HI, Prokesch H, Richter D, Graeff C, Kaderka R, Sonnenberg K, et al. Journal article The Intra-Cochlear Impedance-Matrix (IIM) test for the Nucleus® cochlear implant (2015) Hey M, Boehnke B, Dillier N, Hoppe U, Eskilsson G, Lowgren K, Cullington H, et al. Journal article Development and evaluation of passive autofocus algorithms in the field of automated microscopy (2014) Erpenbeck D, Wittenberg T, Münzenmayer C, Benz M Journal article, Original article Basic considerations for determining the amount of press fit in acetabular cup endoprostheses as a function of the elastic bone behavior (2014) Winter W, Karl M Journal article
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