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Enhanced localized corrosion resistance of Ni-based alloy 625 processed by directed energy deposition additive manufacturing (2024) Hariharan K, Iams AD, Zuback JS, Palmer TA, Sridhar N, Alazemi RM, Frankel GS, Schindelholz EJ Journal article Correlating X-ray computed tomography observations with respirometric measurement of aluminium alloy 6063 corrosion under FeCl3 droplets (2024) Mahmood S, Bruns M, Gallagher C, Virtanen S, Engelberg DL Journal article Inter-melt pool corrosion and repassivation of SS316L stainless steel processed by laser powder bed fusion (2024) Hariharan K Journal article, Original article Role of Zn injection on mitigating stress corrosion cracking initiation of Alloy 182 weld metal in simulated light water reactor environment (2023) Chen K, Mackiewicz A, Seifert HP, Virtanen S, Ritter S Journal article Pitting corrosion-Preferred chloride diffusion pathways in physical vapor deposited AlCrN coatings (2023) Hudak OE, Bahr A, Kutrowatz P, Wojcik T, Bohrn F, Solyom L, Schuster R, et al. Journal article Understanding the protective ability of the native oxide on an Fe-13 at% Cr alloy at the atomic scale: A combined atom probe and electron microscopy study (2023) Sasidhar K, Khanchandani H, Zhang S, Kwiatkowski da Silva A, Scheu C, Gault B, Ponge D, Raabe D Journal article, Original article High temperature oxidation resistance of physical vapor deposited Hf-Si-B-2 +/- z thin films (2022) Glechner T, Bahr A, Hahn R, Wojcik T, Heller M, Kirnbauer A, Ramm J, et al. Journal article Bronze corrosion protection by long-chain phosphonic acids (2022) Mikić D, Otmačić Ćurković H, Hosseinpour S Journal article Early stages of high-temperature oxidation of Ni- and Co-base model superalloys: A comparative study using rapid thermal annealing and advanced electron microscopy (2021) Kubacka D, Weiser M, Spiecker E Journal article Breaking the continuity of the Al2O3 oxide scale by additions of Cr in Co-Al-W-based superalloys (2021) Liang Z, Pyczak F, Stark A, Rao Z, Neumeier S, Göken M Journal article
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