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Manganous water column in the Tethys Ocean during the Permian-Triassic transition (2023) Müller J, Sun Y, Yang F, Regelous M, Joachimski M Journal article Intensive ocean anoxia and large δ13Ccarb perturbations during the Carnian Humid Episode (Late Triassic) in Southwest China (2022) Zhang Z, Joachimski M, Grasby SE, Sun Y Journal article Middle to Late Jurassic stable isotopes and element ratios of fossils from western India: Developing a reference temperature curve for northeastern Gondwana (2022) Alberti M, Fürsich F, Pandey DK, Mukherjee D, Andersen N, Garbe-Schönberg D Journal article Editorial preface to special issue: Triassic at the dawn of modern world in honour of Prof. Leopold Krystyn (2022) Sun Y, Richoz S, Kürschner WM Journal article Reconstructing environmental signals across the Permian-Triassic boundary in the SE Germanic Basin: A Quantitative Provenance Analysis (QPA) approach (2021) Caracciolo L, Ravidà D, Chew D, Janßen M, Luensdorf KN, Heins WA, Stephan T, Stollhofen H Journal article, Original article Reconstructing environmental signals across the Permian-Triassic boundary in the SE Germanic basin: Paleodrainage modelling and quantification of sediment flux (2021) Ravidà D, Caracciolo L, Heins WA, Stollhofen H Journal article Integrated bio-chemostratigraphy of Lower and Middle Triassic marine successions at Spiti in the Indian Himalaya: Implications for the Early Triassic nutrient crisis (2021) Sun Y, Richoz S, Krystyn L, Grasby SE, Chen Y, Banerjee D, Joachimski M Journal article Smithian and Spathian (Early Triassic) conodonts from Oman and Croatia and their bathymetry revealed (2021) Chen Y, Joachimski M, Richoz S, Krystyn L, Aljinović D, Smirčić D, Kolar-Jurkovšek T, et al. Journal article A tree-ring delta O-18 series from southernmost Fuego-Patagonia is recording flavors of the Antarctic Oscillation (2020) Meier W, Aravena JC, Jana R, Braun M, Hochreuther P, Soto-Rogel P, Grießinger J Journal article Spatial and temporal variability in Mediterranean climate over the last millennium from vermetid isotope records and CMIP5/PMIP3 models (2020) Amitai Y, Yam R, Montagna P, Devoti S, López Correa M, Shemesh A Journal article
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