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Metrics reloaded: recommendations for image analysis validation (2024) Maier-Hein L, Reinke A, Godau P, Tizabi MD, Buettner F, Christodoulou E, Glocker B, et al. Journal article Understanding metric-related pitfalls in image analysis validation (2024) Reinke A, Tizabi MD, Baumgartner M, Eisenmann M, Heckmann-Nötzel D, Kavur AE, Rädsch T, et al. Journal article CellRank for directed single-cell fate mapping (2022) Lange M, Bergen V, Klein M, Setty M, Reuter B, Bakhti M, Lickert H, et al. Journal article Squidpy: a scalable framework for spatial omics analysis (2022) Palla G, Spitzer H, Klein M, Fischer D, Schaar AC, Kuemmerle LB, Rybakov S, et al. Journal article Benchmarking atlas-level data integration in single-cell genomics (2022) Luecken MD, Buettner M, Chaichoompu K, Danese A, Interlandi M, Mueller MF, Strobl DC, et al. Journal article Precision size and refractive index analysis of weakly scattering nanoparticles in polydispersions (2022) Kashkanova AD, Blessing M, Gemeinhardt A, Soulat D, Sandoghdar V Journal article The AIMe registry for artificial intelligence in biomedical research (2021) Matschinske J, Benis A, Alcaraz N, Golebiewski M, Grimm DG, Heumos L, Kacprowski T, et al. Journal article A comparison of microfluidic methods for high-throughput cell deformability measurements (2020) Urbanska M, Munoz HE, Bagnall JS, Otto O, Manalis SR, Di Carlo D, Guck J Journal article Intelligent image-based deformation-assisted cell sorting with molecular specificity (2020) Nawaz AA, Urbanska M, Herbig M, Noetzel M, Kraeter M, Rosendahl P, Herold C, et al. Journal article Revealing dynamics of gene expression variability in cell state space (2020) Gruen D Journal article
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