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Local near field assisted ablation of fused silica: An experimental and theoretical study (2013) Jamali AA, Witzigmann B, Morarescu R, Baumert T, Traeger F, Hubenthal F Journal article Generation of transparent conductive electrodes by laser consolidation of LIFT printed ITO nanoparticle layers (2013) Baum M, Kim H, Alexeev I, Piqué A, Schmidt M Journal article, Original article Numerical simulation of process dynamics during laser beam drilling with short pulses (2012) Leitz KH, Koch HM, Otto A, Schmidt M Journal article, Original article Dynamic performance of dielectric elastomers utilized as acoustic actuators (2012) Hochradel K, Rupitsch S, Sutor A, Lerch R, Vu DK, Steinmann P Journal article Ultra-fast movies of thin-film laser ablation (2012) Domke M, Rapp S, Schmidt M, Huber H Journal article, Original article Efficient laser induced consolidation of nanoparticulate ZnO thin films with reduced thermal budget (2012) Baum M, Polster S, Jank M, Alexeev I, Frey L, Schmidt M Journal article, Original article Nickel nanoparticles in fullerene matrix fabricated by co-evaporation: structural, magnetic, and magneto-optical properties (2011) Salvan G, Pacurariu R, Li W, Fronk M, Rosu DM, Zahn DRT, Schubert S, et al. Journal article, Original article Gold film-terminated 3-dimensional photonic crystals (2011) Ding B, Pemble ME, Korovin AV, Peschel U, Romanov S Journal article A Preisach-based hysteresis model for magnetic and ferroelectric hysteresis (2010) Sutor A, Rupitsch S, Lerch R Journal article Square-pyramidal iron coordination modules as potential spin switches for the chemisorption on gold (2008) Kaempf H, Daunke D, Heinemann FW, Grohmann A Journal article
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