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The effect of chromium on photosynthesis and lipid accumulation in two chlorophyte microalgae (2021) Bashir KMI, Lee HJ, Mansoor S, Jahn A, Cho MG Journal article Considering the Environmental Impacts of BioenergyTechnologies to Support German Energy Transition (2021) Kalu A, Vrzel J, Kolb S, Karl J, Marzahn P, Pfaffenberger F, Ludwig R Journal article A fast and improved tunable aggregation model for stochastic simulation of spray fluidized bed agglomeration (2021) Singh AK, Tsotsas E Journal article, Original article Impact of Oxygenated Additives on Soot Properties during Diesel Combustion (2021) Palazzo N, Zigan L, Huber F, Will S Journal article Friends or foes? Political synergy or competition between renewable energy and energy efficiency policy (2020) Ollier L, Melliger M, Lilliestam J Journal article Catalytic electrochemical water splitting using boron doped diamond (BDD) electrodes as a promising energy resource and storage solution (2020) Al-Abdallat Y, Jumah I, Jumah R, Ghanem H, Telfah A Journal article A novel approach to the analysis of thermal response test (TRT) with interrupted power input (2020) Luo J, Zhang Y, Tuo J, Xue W, Rohn J, Baumgärtel S Journal article Life Cycle Assessment of a Reversible Heat Pump–Organic Rankine Cycle–Heat Storage System with Geothermal Heat Supply (2020) Scharrer D, Eppinger B, Schmitt P, Zenk J, Bazan P, Karl J, Will S, et al. Journal article, Original article High-speed imaging of spray formation and combustion in an optical engine: Effects of injector aging and TPGME as a fuel additive (2020) Zhu X, Mannazhi M, Palazzo N, Bengtsson PE, Andersson Ö Journal article A Methodology for Measuring the Heat Release Efficiency in Bubbling Fluidised Bed Combustors (2020) Müller D, Plankenbühler T, Karl J Journal article
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