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Synthesis and Doping Strategies to Improve the Photoelectrochemical Water Oxidation Activity of BiVO4 Photoanodes (2019) Rohloff M, Anke B, Wiedemann D, Ulpe AC, Kasian O, Zhang S, Scheu C, et al. Journal article Various CO2-to-CO Electrolyzer Cell and Operation Mode Designs to avoid CO2-Crossover from Cathode to Anode (2019) Reinisch D, Schmid B, Martić N, Krause R, Landes H, Hanebuth M, Mayrhofer K, Schmid G Journal article Photo-Electrochemical Solar-to-Fuel Energy Conversion by Hematite-Based Photo-Anodes-The Role of 1D Nanostructuring (2019) Hejazi S, Altomare M, Schmuki P Journal article Plasmonic Cu/CuCl/Cu2S/Ag and Cu/CuCl/Cu2S/Au supports with peroxidase-like activity: Insights from surface enhanced raman spectroscopy (2018) Song W, Hildebrandt P, Weidinger IM Journal article Single particle spectroscopy of radiative processes in colloid-to-film-coupled nanoantennas (2018) Schnepf MJ, Brasse Y, Gossler FR, Steiner AM, Obermeier J, Lippitz M, Fery A, Koenig TAF Journal article Diatoms-A "green" way to biosynthesize gold-silica nanocomposites? (2018) Pytlik N, Butscher D, Machill S, Brunner E Journal article Tetrazole-Stabilized Gold Nanoparticles for Catalytic Applications (2017) Guhrenz C, Wolf A, Adam M, Sonntag L, Voitekhovich SV, Kaskel S, Gaponik N, Eychmueller A Journal article Variable van der Waals radii derived from a hybrid Gaussian charge distribution model for continuum-solvent electrostatic calculations (2016) Ye R, Nie X, Wong CF, Gong X, Wang YA, Heine T, Zhou B Journal article Luminescence Properties of the Thermographic Phosphors Dy3+:YAG and Tm3+:YAG for the Application in High Temperature Systems (2015) Jovicic G, Zigan L, Will S, Leipertz A Journal article, Original article Luminescence properties of the thermographic phosphors Dy3+:YAG and Tm3+:YAG for the application in high temperature systems (2015) Jovicic G, Zigan L, Will S, Leipertz A Journal article, Original article
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