IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering

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ISSN: 0018-9294
Publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

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Contributing Components of Metabolic Energy Models to Metabolic Cost Estimations in Gait (2023) Gambietz M, Nitschke M, Miehling J, Koelewijn A Journal article Simultaneous and Proportional Real-Time Myocontrol of Up to Three Degrees of Freedom of the Wrist and Hand (2023) Nowak M, Vujaklija I, Sturma A, Castellini C, Farina D Journal article Rigid and Non-Rigid Motion Compensation in Weight-Bearing CBCT of the Knee Using Simulated Inertial Measurements (2022) Maier J, Nitschke M, Choi JH, Gold G, Fahrig R, Eskofier B, Maier A Journal article Structure-Function Relationships in Muscle Fibres: MyoRobot Online Assessment of Muscle Fibre Elasticity and Sarcomere Length Distributions (2022) Haug M, Ritter P, Michael M, Reischl B, Schürmann S, Prölß G, Friedrich O Journal article, Original article Automatic Signal Quality Index Determination of Radar-Recorded Heart Sound Signals Using Ensemble Classification (2019) Shi K, Schellenberger S, Michler F, Steigleder T, Malessa A, Lurz F, Ostgathe C, et al. Journal article, Original article Reference-Free Adjustment of Respiratory Inductance Plethysmography for Measurements during Physical Exercise (2017) Leutheuser H, Heyde C, Röcker K, Gollhofer A, Eskofier B Journal article, Original article Evaluation of six registration methods for the human abdomen on clinically acquired CT (2016) Xu Z, Lee CP, Heinrich MP, Modat M, Rueckert D, Ourselin S, Abramson RG, Landman BA Journal article Real-Time Respiratory Motion Analysis Using 4-D Shape Priors (2016) Wasza J, Fischer P, Leutheuser H, Oefner T, Bert C, Maier A, Hornegger J Journal article Beam Position and Energy Monitoring in Compact Linear Accelerators for Radiotherapy (2014) Ruf M, Mueller S, Setzer S, Schmidt LP Journal article Optical 3-D Metric Measurements of Local Vocal Fold Deformation Characteristics in an In Vitro Setup (2011) Hüttner B, Sutor A, Luegmair G, Rupitsch S, Lerch R, Döllinger M Journal article