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Protonation dynamics in the K-channel of cytochrome C oxidase estimated from molecular dynamics simulations (2021) Stegmaier V, Gorriz RF, Imhof P Journal article Particle Lagrangian CFD Simulation and Experimental Characterization of the Rounding of Polymer Particles in a Downer Reactor with Direct Heating (2021) Gómez Bonilla JS, Unger L, Schmidt J, Peukert W, Bück A Journal article Eulerian Multiphase Simulation of the Particle Dynamics in a Fluidized Bed Opposed Gas Jet Mill (2020) Dyrney AdS, Baluni S, Bück A Journal article Image-Based Model for Assessment of Wood Chip Quality and Mixture Ratios (2020) Plankenbühler T, Kolb S, Grümer F, Müller D, Karl J Journal article Approximate Moment Methods for Population Balance Equations in Particulate and Bioengineering Processes (2020) Duerr R, Bück A Journal article, Review article A Modular Framework for the Modelling and Optimization of Advanced Chromatographic Processes (2020) Schmölder J, Kaspereit M Journal article, Original article The effect of very cohesive ultra-fine particles in mixtures on compression, consolidation, and fluidization (2019) Marnani AK, Bück A, Antonyuk S, van Wachem B, Thévenin D, Tomas J Journal article Investigation of Nonthermal Plasma Assisted Charcoal Gasification for Production of Hydrogen-Rich Syngas (2019) Pang Y, Hammer T, Müller D, Karl J Journal article The Effect of the Presence of Very Cohesive Geldart C Ultra-Fine Particles on the Fluidization of Geldart A Fine Particle Beds (2019) Marnani AK, Bück A, Antonyuk S, Van Wachem B, Thevenin D, Tomas J Journal article Parameter identification for continuous fluidized bed spray agglomeration (2018) Golovin I, Strenzke G, Duerr R, Palis S, Bück A, Tsotsas E, Kienle A Journal article, Original article
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