Physical Review E - Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics

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Publisher: American Physical Society (APS)

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Self-assembly of complex structures in colloid-polymer mixtures (2018) Oğuz E, Mijailović A, Schmiedeberg M Journal article, Original article Investigation of interphase effects in silica-polystyrene nanocomposites based on a hybrid molecular-dynamics-finite-element simulation framework (2016) Pfaller S, Possart G, Steinmann P, Rahimi M, Müller-Plathe F, Böhm MC Journal article Effects of pore-size and shape distributions on diffusion pore imaging by nuclear magnetic resonance (2015) Kuder TA, Laun FB Journal article Wavelet synthetic method for turbulent flow (2015) Zhou L, Rauh C, Delgado A Journal article Multifractal-cascade model for inertial and dissipation ranges based on the wavelet reconstruction method (2015) Zhou L, Rauh C, Delgado A Journal article Self-organized shocks in the sedimentation of a granular gas (2015) Almazan Torres L, Serero D, Salueña C, Pöschel T Journal article, Original article Fluidization of a horizontally driven granular monolayer (2015) Heckel M, Sack A, Kollmer J, Pöschel T Journal article, Original article Sign problem of the fermionic shadow wave function (2014) Calcavecchia F, Pederiva F, Kalos MH, Kühne TD Journal article Mobility-dependent selection of competing strategy associations (2014) Dobrinevski A, Alava M, Reichenbach T, Frey E Journal article Acceleration and localization of subcritical crack growth in a natural composite material (2014) Lennartz-Sassinek S, Main I, Zaiser M, Graham C Journal article, Original article
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