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Early Cretaceous bivalves of the Romualdo Formation, Araripe Basin, northeastern Brazil (2024) Guerrini VB, Matos SA, Fürsich F, Rodrigues MG, Varejão FG, Warren LV, Assine ML, Simões MG Journal article A new condensed freshwater-brackish water bivalve-dominated assemblage in the Aptian Crato Formation, Araripe Basin, NE Brazil and its paleoenvironmental significance (2024) da Silva VR, Varejão FG, Matos SA, Rodrigues MG, Warren LV, Assine ML, Fürsich F, Simões MG Journal article Oyster-dominated macrobenthic associations in the Cenomanian of Djebel Bouarif (Aures Mountains, Northeastern Algeria) (2023) Aouissi R, Abdelhady AA, Martinez S, Ahmed MS, Hannaa W, Jain S, Salmi-Laouar S Journal article Geochemical anomalies caused by meteorite impact and volcanism at the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary, Wasserfallgraben (Lattengebirge, Germany) (2022) Regelous A, Ćorić S, Regelous M, Teipel U Journal article Macroids from mixed siliciclastic-carbonate high-frequency sequences of the Agrio Formation (Lower Cretaceous), Neuquén Basin: Palaeoecological and palaeoenvironmental constraints (2021) Caratelli M, Archuby FM, Fürsich F, Pignatti J Journal article Short-lived “Bakevelliid-Sea” in the Aptian Romualdo Formation, Araripe Basin, northeastern Brazil (2020) Rodrigues MG, Matos SA, Varejão FG, Fürsich F, Warren LV, Assine ML, Simões MG Journal article Mid-Cretaceous biostratigraphy (ammonites, inoceramid bivalves and foraminifers) at the eastern margin of the Anarak Metamorphic Complex (Central Iran) (2020) Wilmsen M, Berensmeier M, Fürsich F, Schlagintweit F, Hairapetian V, Pashazadeh B, Majidifard MR Journal article Cratonaia novaolindensis gen. et sp. nov. (Unionida, Silesunionoidea) from the Aptian of Brazil (Araripe Basin), and its implications for the early evolution of freshwater mussels (2020) da Silva VR, Varejão FG, Matos SA, Fürsich F, Skawina A, Schneider S, Warren LV, et al. Journal article Taxonomy and palaeobiogeography of the early and middle Albian (Early Cretaceous) bivalves and brachiopods from central Serbia (Topola, Oplenac Hill) (2019) Radulović BV, Ayoub-Hannaa W, Fürsich F, Bogićević K, Nenadić D, Jovanović D Journal article Barkerina dobrogiaca Neagu, 2000, a Valanginian marker taxon from the northern Neotethysian margin (2019) Schlagintweit F, Bucur II, Granier B, Koch R Journal article