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Towards an improved discrimination and correlation of Permian-Lower Triassic sediments in Central Europe: A chemostratigraphic approach (2023) Ravidà D, Caracciolo L, Heins WA, Stollhofen H Journal article Early Pleistocene banded iron-rich sedimentary rocks at Cape Vani, Milos Island, Greece: A modern analogue of Precambrian banded iron formations? (2022) Sun S, Klemd R, Voudouris P Journal article Ferruginous coated grains of microbial origin from the Lower Devonian (Pragian) of the Prague Basin (Czech Republic) – Petrological and geochemical perspective (2022) Vodrážková S, Kumpan T, Vodrážka R, Frýda J, Čopjaková R, Koubová M, Munnecke A, et al. Journal article Lithologic, geomorphic, and climatic controls on sand generation from volcanic rocks in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta massif (NE Colombia) (2022) Hatzenbühler D, Caracciolo L, Weltje GJ, Piraquive A, Regelous M Journal article Paleoenvironmental significance of the monospecific biostromes in the Campanian-Maastrichtian Duwi Formation (Eastern Desert, Egypt) (2020) Abdelhady AA, Seuß B, Fürsich F, Ali A, Abdel-Racheem KH, Mohamed RS Journal article Sediment deformation and production beneath soft-bedded Palaeozoic ice sheets (2020) Le Heron DP, Heninger M, Baal C, Bestmann M Journal article Microbialite fields developed in a protected rocky coastline: The shallow carbonate ramp of the Aptian Romualdo Formation (Araripe Basin, NE Brazil) (2019) Varejão FG, Fürsich F, Warren LV, Matos SA, Rodrigues MG, Assine ML, Sales AM, Simões MG Journal article Early Silurian (Telychian) bryozoan reefs in the epeiric sea of South China: Are heterotroph metazoan buildups promoted by internal waves? (2018) Munnecke A, Li Q, Ernst A, Yu S, Li Y Journal article, Original article Quantitative analysis of crystal-interface frequencies in granitoids: Implications for modelling of parent-rock texture and its influence on the properties of plutoniclastic sands (2018) Weltje GJ, Paredis B, Caracciolo L, Heins W Journal article, Letter The transgressive-regressive cycle of the Romualdo Formation (Araripe Basin): Sedimentary archive of the Early Cretaceous marine ingression in the interior of Northeast Brazil (2017) Custodio MA, Quaglio F, Warren LV, Simões MG, Fürsich F, Perinotto JAJ, Assine ML Journal article
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