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Bauliche Modernisierungen in psychiatrischen Kliniken beeinflussen Zwangsmaßnahmen Architectural modernization of psychiatric hospitals influences the use of coercive measures (2017) Rohe T, Dresler T, Stuhlinger M, Weber M, Strittmatter T, Fallgatter AJ Journal article, Original article Home-based telerehabilitation after stroke (2017) Keidel M, Vauth F, Richter J, Hoffmann B, Soda H, Griewing B, Scibor M Journal article Telemedicine: Comprehensive coverage and quality - Not a contradiction : Practical experience from the stroke network with telemedicine in northern Bavaria (STENO) (2017) Breuer L, Erbguth F, Oschmann P, Schwab S Journal article Epilepsy-associated tumors of the central nervous system: Epilepsy surgery and oncological aspects Epilepsieassoziierte Tumoren des Zentralnervensystems: Epilepsiechirurgische und onkologische Aspekte (2016) Hirsch M, Coenen VA, Heiland DH, Lützen N, Staszewski O, Schulze-Bonhage A Journal article Cellular replacement strategies and adult neurogenesis in idiopathic Parkinson's disease (2016) Marxreiter F, Storch A, Winkler J Journal article Biomarkers for dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases : Current developments (2016) Wiltfang J, Lewczuk P, Otto M Journal article Effect of the German Act on the reform of the market for medicinal products (AMNOG) on the quality of neurological and psychiatric treatment (2016) Hamer H, Meyer-Lindenberg A Journal article, Editorial Neurological diseases after lightning strike : Lightning strikes twice (2016) Gruhn KM, Knossalla F, Schwenkreis P, Hamsen U, Schildhauer TA, Tegenthoff M, Sczesny-Kaiser M Journal article Psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy for harmful tobacco use and tobacco dependency (2016) Batra A, Petersen KU, Hoch E, Mann K, Kroeger C, Schweizer C, Jaehne A, et al. Journal article Impact of early benefit assessment on patients with epilepsy in Germany: Current healthcare provision and therapeutic needs (2016) Strzelczyk A, Hamer H Journal article
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