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Probing atmospheric electric fields in thunderstorms through radio emission from extensive air showers (2015) Trinh TN, Schellart P, Buitink S, Corstanje A, Enriquez JE, Falcke H, Hörandel JR, et al. Conference contribution Livetime and sensitivity of the ARIANNA hexagonal radio array (2015) Nelles A, Persichilli C Conference contribution Measuring the cosmic ray mass composition with LOFAR (2015) Buitink S, Corstanje A, Enriquez JE, Falcke H, Hörandel JR, Huege T, Nelles A, et al. Conference contribution Polarized radio emission and radio wavefront shape of extensive air showers (2015) Corstanje A, Buitink S, Enriquez JE, Falcke H, Hörandel JR, Nelles A, Rachen JP, et al. Conference contribution Search for gamma-ray line signatures with H.E.S.S. (2015) Kieffer M, Mora KD, Conrad J, Farnier C, Jacholkowska A, Veh J, Viana A Conference contribution Minimal surfaces in nuclear pasta with the time-dependent hartree-fock approach (2014) Schuetrumpf B, Klatt M, Iida K, Schröder-Turk G, Maruhn JA, Mecke K, Reinhard PG Conference contribution Observations of the extreme runaway HD271791: Nucleosynthesis in a core-collapse supernova (2014) Schaffenroth V, Przybilla N, Butler K, Irrgang A, Heber U Conference contribution From classical to quantum gravity: Introduction to loop quantum gravity (2011) Giesel K, Sahlmann H Conference contribution From Classical To Quantum Gravity: Introduction to Loop Quantum Gravity (2011) Giesel K, Sahlmann H Journal article, Review article HIP 60350: A supernova ejected hyper-runaway star? (2010) Irrgang A, Przybilla N, Heber U, Nieva MF, Schuh S Conference contribution