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Nickel coated carbon nanotubes in aluminum matrix composites: a multiscale simulation study (2019) Nasiri S, Wang K, Yang M, Li Q, Zaiser M Journal article Statistical dynamics of early creep stages in disordered materials (2019) Fernandez Castellanos D, Zaiser M Journal article Graph theoretical approaches for the characterization of damage in hierarchical materials (2019) Moretti P, Renner J, Safari A, Zaiser M Journal article Size-dependent optical absorption of Cu2ZnSn(Se,S)4 quantum dot sensitizers from ab initio many-body methods (2018) Koerbel S, Boulanger P, Blase X, Marques MAL, Botti S Journal article On the inclusion of dissipation on top of mean-field approaches (2018) Dinh PM, Lacombe L, Reinhard PG, Suraud E, Vincendon M Journal article Assessment of quality and reliability of band structures from exact-exchange-only Kohn-Sham, hybrid, and GW methods (2018) Trushin E, Görling A Journal article Dissipative quantum dynamics and optimal control using iterative time ordering: an application to superconducting qubits (2018) Basilewitsch D, Marder L, Koch CP Journal article Relative distance between tracers as a measure of diffusivity within moving aggregates (2018) Poenisch W, Zaburdaev V Journal article An efficient coarse-grained approach for the electron transport through large molecular systems under dephasing environment (2016) Nozaki D, Bustos-Marun R, Cattena CJ, Cuniberti G, Pastawski HM Journal article Advances in wide bandgap SiC for optoelectronics (2014) Ou H, Ou Y, Argyraki A, Schimmel S, Kaiser M, Wellmann P, Linnarsson MK, et al. Journal article