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Investigation of the bonding behavior between thermosets and thermoplastic elastomers in multi-material additive manufacturing (2024) Setter R, Wudy K Journal article Interaction of tool and process design on the mechanical and tribological behaviour of an injection-moulded polyamide-steel gear set (2023) Schubert D, Wolf M, Drummer D Journal article The influence of preheating temperature on the mechanical properties of injection-overmolded hybrid glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites (2022) Fu L, Zhang M, Zhai Z, Jiang F Journal article Analysis of UV-Assisted direct ink writing rheological properties and curing degree (2022) Jiang F, Wörz A, Romeis M, Drummer D Journal article Composite films based on salicylic acid-layered zinc hydroxide and polyvinyl alcohol: Preparation, characterization, properties and potential applications (2021) Ruiz Madronero C Journal article, Original article Single-step Laser Plastic Deposition (LPD) using a near-infrared Thulium fiber-laser (2020) Boehm S, Schmidt M, Stichel T, Kahlmeyer M, Kryukov I, Sommer N Journal article Resistance of silicone breast explants under cyclic compressive load as a function of implantation time and explant mass (2020) von Hanstein H, Horch RE, Schubert DW Journal article, Original article The effect of short glass fibers on the process behavior of polyamide 12 during selective laser beam melting (2020) Lanzl L, Wudy K, Drummer D Journal article, Original article A new approach for assessing the deflection and bending properties of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastics under processing conditions (2019) Mattner T, Drummer D Journal article, Original article Temperature-dependent optical material properties of polymer powders regarding in-situ measurement techniques in additive manufacturing (2018) Heinl M, Laumer T, Bayer F, Hausotte T Journal article, other
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