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Directed Energy Deposition of Low-Alloyed Steels: An Insight on Microstructural and Mechanical Properties (2023) Bartels D, von Lattre-Hertel A, Novotny T, Mohr A, Hill H, Merklein C, Schmidt M Journal article A Carbon-Stabilized Austenitic Steel with Lower Hydrogen Embrittlement Susceptibility (2023) Khanchandani H, Zeiler S, Strobel L, Göken M, Felfer P Journal article Properties of Tool Steels for Application in Hot Stamping (2019) Niederhofer P, Eger K, Schwingenschlögl P, Merklein M Journal article Model-Based Optimization of Short Stroke Control in Roughing Mills (2017) Werner S, Kurz M, Stingl M, Doell R Journal article, Original article Induction heat treatment of sheet-bulk metal-formed parts assisted by water-air spray cooling (2016) Besserer HB, Dalinger A, Rodman D, Nuernberger F, Hildenbrand P, Merklein M, Maier HJ Journal article Tailored tempering – FE-Simulation of manufacturing components with local adjusted mechanical properties (2012) Svec T, Merklein M Journal article On The Friction Stir Welding of Titanium Alloys: Experimental Measurements and FEM Model Fine Tuning (2012) Buffa G, Fratini L, Gnibl T, Wieland M, Merklein M Journal article Basics of process design for 3d freeform-bending (2012) Plettke R, Vatter P, Vipavc D Journal article Functional Integration of Sheet Metal Parts by Deep Drawing (2011) Merklein M, Schneider T Journal article Simulation-Based Determination of Deflection Characteristic of Tooling System and its Modeling in FE Simulation of Cold Forging Process (2010) Kroiß T, Engel U, Merklein M Journal article, Original article