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Kinetics of tri-phase extractive oxidative desulfurization of benzothiophene with molecular oxygen catalyzed by HPA-5 (2019) Claußnitzer J, Bertleff B, Korth W, Albert J, Wasserscheid P, Jess A Journal article, Original article Static and Dynamic, but not Pulsed High-Pressure Treatment Efficiently Inactivates Yeast (2017) Izydor M, Hainthaler M, Gaipl U, Frey B, Schlücker E Journal article Benchmarking of Gas-Assisted Atomization Systems for Liquid Disintegration (2016) Günther A, Lampa A, Fritsching U, Schröder J, Kleinhans A, Gaukel V, Schuchmann H, et al. Journal article, Original article Imaging of Fluid Dynamics in a Structured Packing Using X-ray Computed Tomography (2016) Schug S, Arlt W Journal article Numerical simulation of interfacial closures for 3D bubble column flows (2015) Masood RMA, Jovicic V, Delgado A Journal article Shortcut Evaluation of Chemical Carbon Dioxide Utilization Processes (2014) Müller K, Arlt W Journal article Increasing the Equilibrium Yield of Oxidative Dehydrogenation with CO2 by Secondary Reactions (2014) Müller K, Baumgärtner A, Mokrushina L, Arlt W Journal article Comparing Different Synthesis Procedures for Carbide-Derived Carbon-Based Structured Catalyst Supports (2014) Knorr T, Schwarz A, Etzold B Journal article Nanocrystalline Zeolite Tetraethylammonium-Beta Membrane for Preferential Sorption and Transport of CO2 over N2 (2013) Singh PS, Selvam T, Reuß S, Avhale A, Lopez Orozco S, Schwieger W Journal article Dynamics and control of coupled continuous chromatography and crystallization processes for the production of pure enantiomers (2013) Swernath S, Kaspereit M, Kienle A Journal article, Original article
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